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Application and Costs


To Apply for Fiction/Nonfiction Workshops: Mail or email up to 10 double-spaced pages of a manuscript and a short bio by June 30, 2018 to or For early bird discount, apply before May 15, 2018.


Costs:  Each room in Abbotsley has distinctive features. Thus, the listing below of the rooms and their varying values are designated according to amenities. Please note: The prices below include all expenses of attending the Peripatetic.


#1 Second floor bedroom with en suite bathroom and balcony overlooking the sea and with sitting alcove $2695  (reserved)

#2 Third floor bedroom with en suite bath and  balcony overlooking the sea. $2595 (reserved)

#3 Second floor bedroom with shared bath, with window onto the sea. $2295 (reserved)

#4 Second floor smaller bedroom with shared bath, $2145 

#5 Third floor bedroom with en suite bath with skylight, $2395 (reserved)

#6 Second floor bedroom with ensuite bath in Middle Street house $2395 (reserved)

#7 Third floor bedroom with shared bath in Middle Street house $2145

#8 Third floor bedroom with shared bath in Middle Street house $2145

Local writer who lives in Deal   $550 

For a couple with one non-workshop attending spouse: Add $1000 to room cost. 

For a couple with both attending the workshop: Add $1300 to single room cost. 


Cost includes: six workshops, writing exercises, hearty daily breakfasts, 4 dinners.



Early Bird Discount: $100 off final bill (for those live-in participants who have applied, been accepted and paid the non-refundable $500 deposit by May 15, 2018). 

Early Bird Returnees’ Discount: $150 off final bill (for returning Peripatetic writers who have applied and paid the $500 nonrefundable deposit by May 15, 2018).


Optional tutorials: Maureen and Martha edit 50 additional manuscript pages (double-spaced, 12 point type), for $100, a rate reduced from their normal rates. If interested, contact the instructor you would like to edit your pages by June 1, 2018.



Nonrefundable deposit: $500 upon acceptance, $50 for locals

Deadline for application: June 17, 2018

Final payments due:       June 17, 2018 

Refunds: No refunds given after January 17, 2018. We recommend you purchase travel insurance if there are reasons you might need to cancel.